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Exploring Catholicism

I’m exploring Catholicism- first time in my life I’ve ever seriously considered being religious. I was always a Richard Dawkins fan- I even regularly attended the San Francisco Atheists Club for a while. I find the Catholic Church, especially Pope John Paul II’s writings and teachings, to be incredibly holistic and thoughtful when it comes to relationships, gender cooperation, and family topics. They have some incredibly smart things to say about Love and are leading the discussions on Bio-ethics and assisted reproduction more so than any other religion or cultural group.

Some quotes from Peter J. Kreeft’s Catholic Christianity . 

Love can be more true to objective reality than knowledge can, in this sense: we can know others only as we can understand them, but we can love them as they are in themselves. Thought cannot comprehend God, but love can apprehend him. Our minds cannot surround him and define him, but our wills can reach out to him and touch him. Even among ourselves, we can never fully understand each other, but we can fully love each other.

Right now I’m reading about the concept of Faith- what I would say is the trickiest part for me to get on board with. I’m hungry for lessons in relationships and how to be a good friend, partner, mother, etc. It’s the faith in God that is keeping me out of the club. No one wants to attend mass feeling inauthentic.