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“The use of contraception has made sexual intercourse independent of parenthood and the marriage of the future will be confined to those who seek parenthood for its own sake rather than as the natural fulfillment of sexual love. But under these circumstances who will trouble to marry? Marriage will lose all attraction for young and pleasure loving, and the poor and the ambitious. The energy of youth will be devoted to contraceptive love and only when men and women become prosperous and middle-aged will they think of settling down to rear a strictly limited family.”

-British Historian and Catholic, Christopher Dawson- 1933

Love or Love to Hate?

It’s been interesting watching our Happy Couple Workout video go viral. We got over 10,000 views in just a few days. It all began with some bad publicity- we were called ‘The Most Annoying Workout Couple Ever’ but then after some syndication actually got some real and authentic support. for example:

Okay, so the moves seem a little sappy, but they look like decent team exercises—certainly much better than the usual couples’ workout where pairs to do side-by-side pushups and sit-ups. Plus, the philosophy behind The Happy Couple Workout has its heart in the right place:

We also got some really decent Swedish blogging going on. At first we were disheartened to realize that we were being made fun of, but then moved into feelings of affirmation quickly after some support came through. What you want is a reaction. If people are surprised by it, if they’re effected, if they have some kind of guttural reaction- that’s a good thing! We know our video is cheesy. But we really believe in what we’re doing. There are more ways to be physical with your romantic partner other than just sex. And honestly sometimes you need to be touched, but not sexually.

For men and women that exercise at different levels and like to work out different parts of their bodies, we’ve got something really special. And we know it.

Kishi Bashi

Kishi Bashi
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