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A Personal Inspiration

Jenny Wilson is a Swedish pop composer. She is bewildering, enduring, and consistently shares music that makes you want to dance and jive– yet it never feels plastic. Its always originally crafted, every song loved. Loved from an angular Swede that shimmies between the best of femininity and masculinity.

Because of the magic of Brooklyn I was able to meet her. She stumbled into my backyard birthday party a few years ago. I learned that she had two kids of her own, and still managed the career she has. The past couple years she’s had to fight breast cancer. And won.

Now she’s releasing a new record this October, Demand the Impossible! Here is the lead single:

When I first realized I was pregnant with V, we were in Stockholm. I managed to convince Jenny to grab a cup of tea with me and I released a fury of questions on her about how she’s managed to be a mom while juggling a successful music career. She told me,

“Just make sure you have a great dad. But honestly, I’ve found being an artist works really well with being a mother because you can choose when you want to work.”

The relief she gave me that day… It’s allowed me to look at my daughter and love her more wholly. It’s allowed me to look at my husband and love him more wholly. They are both precious additions to my life. The notion that motherhood stalls creativity is a lie. A damned lie. Life is scarce, that’s just how it is. But you can, and should as Jenny says, demand the impossible.

Plus look at her use of glitter.



I Miss Music

I spend so much time on 3PR advocacy and parenting my own child that there are two things I’ve started to miss immensely:

1. My husband

2. Music

We cleared the upper bed of the RV so that Rickard and I can have our own place to sleep while Visa has the lower bed to herself. But she wouldn’t go to sleep alone last night and we took turns sleeping next to her, thus sacrificing time we were supposed to have together, watching Roots in our upper bunk, alone. We would do cry-it-out method but the damn RV is too small to bare it. Girl’s got lungs too.

The second thing I miss is making and sharing music. It’s a big piece of my identity, yet I’ve neglected it . It’s hard to justify practicing and keeping my abilities warmed up when there are so many other things to do and no pressing need to sing publicly.

This week I promised myself I would book a show.

We’ll see if I still got it. We’ll see if anyone still enjoys my songs.

Sandy Rios Show

I was asked to participate on The Sandy Rios Show, guest-hosted by Austin Ruse. It was a conversation about 3rd Party Reproduction, especially in light of Jimmy Fallon’s daughter’s birth, via surrogacy. His wife is 46. They would be considered too old to adopt by most adoption agency’s standards. Such protocol is put in place because hard-earned wisdom has taught us that adoptees often experience identity crises when they reach their teens and adulthood. Kids separated from their biological parents need special care and attention when they’re older because of this, which means they need parents who are healthy and well enough to provide this additional care. Geriatric parents are not able to be there for their kids. Geriatric parents actually demand extra care from their children. Mrs.Kimmel will be in her 60’s around the time her daughter begins hitting the identity crises years. Perhaps they’ll have the money for the psychologist she’ll surely need.

A woman calls in to the show crying. Her sister sold away 3 of her nieces in traditional surrogacy arrangements, and more still through egg “donation”.
Sandy Rios show link, click here.

What kind of impoverished society do we live in where people are compelled to sell their children?

Happy Couple Workout: Penny Saving Publicity

We are going to try something new with Happy Couple Workout since we don’t have a million dollars for PR and advertising. To start off we’re going to print cheap fliers and go put them in the car windshield at every 5K and 10K race near us, as well as local sports clubs and health centers. There will be coupon codes.

And hopefully there will be interested people who are compelled to come to our website and get down with HCW.

California Crusading


photo (12)It’s hard to believe that this picture was taken in early August, but it gets remarkably cold on the Northern California coast. I have mixed feelings about being back here. In many ways it is comfortable and feels right. But part of me feels like we’re backtracking. I didn’t like myself very much when I lived here and so in some sense, driving the same streets and seeing the same people makes me feel like I’m “reliving” a bad experience. But I have new friends here too now. Good friends. I want to create new memories at new sites and conquer the old me.

Ted Haggard, after his very embarrassing and very public episode as a meth-addicted philanderer who engaged a male prostitute, was forgiven by his wife and participated in this episode of ‘Wife Swap’ where he says he had to go back to Colorado Springs. He couldn’t relocate to another city where nobody knew him, he had to face his demons and be forgiven by the people of Colorado Springs. Just like Jesus had to return to Nazareth. 

I’m not saying I’ve been persecuted like Jesus. What I’m saying is you can’t run away from yourself. Growth comes when you face yourself in the mirror and accept the reality of who you are and where you’ve been.

In other news, I’m in the news.

I wrote this article for The Public Discourse which has received a surprising amount of circulation. It’s called “What Are The Rights of Donor-Conceived People?”

Then I was featured in this article for Catholic World Report, titled “Pain, Profit, and Third-Party Conception”.

I appreciate the support, and I’m thankful that I’m able to speak on these issues. However, its emotionally taxing to be critical of something all the time. Soon I’d like to outline positive things people can do to prevent infertility, and deal with infertility. I’d also like to positively outline things donor-conceived people can do to fix the system, and soothe their own pain by finding their fathers and holding them accountable to the decisions they’ve made and life they’ve created.

What is possible in one lifetime?