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The Delivery Man


This month is a busy one for donor-conception. The delivery man premiered this weekend and is hitting movie theaters across the country, introducing America to a man who fathers 533+ children and must come to terms with his responsibilities.

Reaching Out

We wrote up some fliers and hit the movie theaters as people were leaving. We wanted to let them know that this industry effects real people and its not serving public health, physically or mentally in positive ways.


Writing these fliers and handing them to strangers in person is terrifying. Every time I do something like this I have to swallow all feelings of pride. I become numb to some of the humiliating elements of putting your personal story out there. But I know that that’s how every other donor-conceived person who wants to do something about this practice feels too. We can’t all be scared, stay at home and never do the dirty work of questioning this industry.


People kindly took the fliers. Between showtimes I headed over to Starbucks and coincidentally sat next to a young couple who were planning on going to see the movie themselves. They were sitting with an older gentleman, the young woman’s father. The father had said that he read somewhere that it was scientifically impossible to father 500+ children through sperm donation. I introduced myself and mentioned that in fact it is not only possible, but I know people with over 500 half-siblings. He was shocked. They thanked me for the fliers and said they’d let me know what they thought about the movie.


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Marketing Materials from AAARTA Conference

This is the front of a postcard given out by The Surrogacy Center. The point I want to make by sharing this montage of infant and toddler faces is highlighting that what the fertility industry indeed is selling is babies, human beings. I’ve spoken in the past that Third Party Reproduction, sperm and egg donation are all euphemisms for baby selling, and the response I get is “No, sperm and eggs are human tissue. They are not babies. No one is selling babies.” If that were true, then their marketing materials wouldn’t be filled with images of babies, they’d be filled with images of eggs and sperm. Also, FYI, it’s illegal to buy and sell live human tissue as well. Just see what happens if you put your kidney up on eBay.


Surrogate Death Insurance. This is a controversial reality of the surrogacy industry. The fact is that childbearing is still life threatening to women. A generation ago everyone knew someone whose life was affected by a female loved one dying from childbirth. Medical technology has taken away many of the risks associated with labor and delivery. But complications still happen and its still extremely dangerous, especially with multiples–which is more and more popular. Many people say that the women are getting paid and the work is not unlike construction workers or firefighters that risk their lives on duty. But what about the fact that US surrogates are required to have children of their own? Not only are we creating motherless children on purpose in the case of the commissioned pregnancy. But we’re also putting the surrogate’s existing children at great risk of losing their mothers.



Gay male couples were clearly the most targeted demographic at the South Carolina conference. The good goal of fighting for dignity and respect for the gay community has inverted into the disgusting celebration of intentionally motherless children. All due to profit. Befriending and cooperating with real women doesn’t get anyone paid unfortunately. Finding a nice lesbian couple, and creating an alternative family that doesn’t deny the child one of its biological parents is not a bankable option.



This is one brochure for a surrogacy agency. It advertises three packages for its surrogacy clients. The first option is Artificial Insemination where the surrogate mother uses her own eggs and “is genetically related to child”. The birth certificate is then edited to disguise the child’s true origin. If this is not baby selling, I don’t know what is.