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What causes misery?


Here is some Hope.

“The only thing people want for itself is happiness. Alas, many have completely lost their way in how to find it! People have ended up chasing after things rather than ends – and like a drug addiction, the initial pleasurable sensation leads to obsession that becomes a nightmarish plunge into the abyss. They keep trying the things that got them there in the first place in a desperate attempt to get out of the abyss…and keep getting deeper. Physical addictions, if not checked, lead to early physical death. Spiritual addictions, if not checked, lead to despair, bitterness and a consuming malice that mutilates the heart and the soul. When lust replaces love, when greed replaces the work, when manipulation replaces ministry, darkness overwhelms. When the substitution of means for ends becomes culturally supreme, the world becomes a boneyard. No wonder there is such enthusiasm for zombie stories in modern life: our whole society has become filled with the walking – and mindlessly malicious – wounded. They lash out at the people who criticize their drug of choice: lust for power, money or casual sex – as if those people are the cause of their unrelenting misery. Just a few more shots of that drug will make everything okay, they think. So they attack the very people who are trying to rescue them from the misery they have created.

Happiness does not come from relentlessly indulging one’s appetites. In fact, that is a sure formula for misery and despair…

The good news is that people across the globe are reconsidering this brave new world. Millions, mostly laboring in quiet obscurity, are dedicating their lives to caring for their fellows. I know. These last few years I have spent a lot of time with them – and they never complain of microaggressions or how painful it is to have someone disagree with them. Millions more have checked their own spiritual addiction and begun to rediscover the happiness that comes from living the simple virtues – and denying their excessive appetites. I know. I have met many of them, too. Fr. Mitch Pacwa of EWTN reports that eight million Muslims converted to Christianity last year – and that for the first time in a long time, Africa has become a majority Christian continent.”