The Anonymous Us Tour

I am a maven of productivity this year. I made a baby, two books, a workout DVD, and finished up the script for Adam & Eva. Now Rickard and I are gearing up for The Anonymous Us Tour and initiating all the prep work to get us to California, where we’ll  make a rocous in condemnation of bill AB-460– which seeks to redefine infertility to include same sex couples and singles who wish to parent alone. The bill has anti-discrimination language, but what it really does is require insurance companies to foot the bill for every man, men, or monster that wishes to deliberately deny a child its mother through third party reproduction.

We’ll be traveling in this:

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We love to purge ourselves of excess belongings and have already donated pounds of clothing and put our books and unneeded electronics on eBay. We’ll be going to college campuses, media portals, churches and homes across the West to educate and speak about children’s rights.

Some of the time we’ll be staying at designated RV campgrounds. And sometimes we’ll be helping out at organic farms. Our 1-year-old, whom we’ll refer to as V, will come along.


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