Burdens of Adoption

This is an interesting and sad story one woman writes about never meeting her mother who gave her up for adoption, despite many attempts on her mother’s part to reach out.

The woman wasn’t told until adulthood. Then she delayed.

The cost for my biological mother and I was enormous. I didn’t find out about her breast cancer; was never reminded of her letter to me, or her desire to meet me. I did not get the opportunity to make decisions in full knowledge of all the facts.

I just finished Paula Bernstein and Elyse Schein’s memoir, Identical Strangers: A Memoir of Twins Separated and Reunited, and they too never get to meet their mother. She died when they were nine years old.

It all just reminds me of the real urgency in finding your biological parents. People grow old. They bare the weight of pain. They die. …If there is someone out there that you love and they don’t know it, you have to seek them out immediately to tell them.

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