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The second volume of Anonymous Us is finally available! It’s over 100 stories from the front lines of third party reproduction—a satisfying due diligence for anyone considering using a sperm or egg donor or surrogate. It’s also a great introduction to assisted reproduction for anyone who wants to know more about the subject.

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2 thoughts on “Buy my new book!

  1. stuart Melnick says:

    I mention you and Richard in my Prayers every morning , I stii miss our RCIA classes and Terri and Fr. Enzie.
    my religious comment for today is “The way up is down”. Like Job in the mouth of the whale,
    in fede jesu,

    • alanasveta says:

      Stuart, we miss you and wish there were a way we could come visit.
      You’re amazing for praying for us. It must be one of the reasons why things are going well. Thank you.

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