California Crusading


photo (12)It’s hard to believe that this picture was taken in early August, but it gets remarkably cold on the Northern California coast. I have mixed feelings about being back here. In many ways it is comfortable and feels right. But part of me feels like we’re backtracking. I didn’t like myself very much when I lived here and so in some sense, driving the same streets and seeing the same people makes me feel like I’m “reliving” a bad experience. But I have new friends here too now. Good friends. I want to create new memories at new sites and conquer the old me.

Ted Haggard, after his very embarrassing and very public episode as a meth-addicted philanderer who engaged a male prostitute, was forgiven by his wife and participated in this episode of ‘Wife Swap’ where he says he had to go back to Colorado Springs. He couldn’t relocate to another city where nobody knew him, he had to face his demons and be forgiven by the people of Colorado Springs. Just like Jesus had to return to Nazareth. 

I’m not saying I’ve been persecuted like Jesus. What I’m saying is you can’t run away from yourself. Growth comes when you face yourself in the mirror and accept the reality of who you are and where you’ve been.

In other news, I’m in the news.

I wrote this article for The Public Discourse which has received a surprising amount of circulation. It’s called “What Are The Rights of Donor-Conceived People?”

Then I was featured in this article for Catholic World Report, titled “Pain, Profit, and Third-Party Conception”.

I appreciate the support, and I’m thankful that I’m able to speak on these issues. However, its emotionally taxing to be critical of something all the time. Soon I’d like to outline positive things people can do to prevent infertility, and deal with infertility. I’d also like to positively outline things donor-conceived people can do to fix the system, and soothe their own pain by finding their fathers and holding them accountable to the decisions they’ve made and life they’ve created.

What is possible in one lifetime?

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