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Road Porn

One of the favorite songs I’ve ever written, “So Be Glad” has been featured over at Road Porn. If you’re unfamiliar, and you probably are—there is a whole collection of sped up road trip footage from around the country (world?) that is put to music. The artist, Lucas Papaelias has taste in music that I can vouch for. Perfect for parties or any other occasion you’d like some ambient music and visuals.

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Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Competition

Guitar Center is throwing a competition for singer-songwriters. If you’re stumbling across this, have a heart will ya and go to my competition page. I’m trying to earn a chance to record an EP with Don Was and get a whole bunch of recording gear. They count shares and views and comments.



September Live Shows. Surfing.

I’m playing 3 shows this September.

Mill Valley Surf Film Festival
Friday Sept. 13 @ 5pm
Saturday Sept. 14 @5pm

Hotel Utah
Sunday Sept.22 @8pm
Tickets available here.

Or see me on SF Gate.

Here is one of the videos featured at the Mill Valley Surf Film Festival

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A Personal Inspiration

Jenny Wilson is a Swedish pop composer. She is bewildering, enduring, and consistently shares music that makes you want to dance and jive– yet it never feels plastic. Its always originally crafted, every song loved. Loved from an angular Swede that shimmies between the best of femininity and masculinity.

Because of the magic of Brooklyn I was able to meet her. She stumbled into my backyard birthday party a few years ago. I learned that she had two kids of her own, and still managed the career she has. The past couple years she’s had to fight breast cancer. And won.

Now she’s releasing a new record this October, Demand the Impossible! Here is the lead single:

When I first realized I was pregnant with V, we were in Stockholm. I managed to convince Jenny to grab a cup of tea with me and I released a fury of questions on her about how she’s managed to be a mom while juggling a successful music career. She told me,

“Just make sure you have a great dad. But honestly, I’ve found being an artist works really well with being a mother because you can choose when you want to work.”

The relief she gave me that day… It’s allowed me to look at my daughter and love her more wholly. It’s allowed me to look at my husband and love him more wholly. They are both precious additions to my life. The notion that motherhood stalls creativity is a lie. A damned lie. Life is scarce, that’s just how it is. But you can, and should as Jenny says, demand the impossible.

Plus look at her use of glitter.



I Miss Music

I spend so much time on 3PR advocacy and parenting my own child that there are two things I’ve started to miss immensely:

1. My husband

2. Music

We cleared the upper bed of the RV so that Rickard and I can have our own place to sleep while Visa has the lower bed to herself. But she wouldn’t go to sleep alone last night and we took turns sleeping next to her, thus sacrificing time we were supposed to have together, watching Roots in our upper bunk, alone. We would do cry-it-out method but the damn RV is too small to bare it. Girl’s got lungs too.

The second thing I miss is making and sharing music. It’s a big piece of my identity, yet I’ve neglected it . It’s hard to justify practicing and keeping my abilities warmed up when there are so many other things to do and no pressing need to sing publicly.

This week I promised myself I would book a show.

We’ll see if I still got it. We’ll see if anyone still enjoys my songs.

The Voice UK

I just got an email from a British music industry guy asking me to audition for The Voice UK.

I don’t really like TV very much, but it sounds like fun. I’m flattered actually.
God has communicated to me on several occasions in the last month that people are aching for elevating culture. Not bible-beating didactic preaching like Fireproof but hopeful, truthful, human culture that inspires people to be better versions of themselves rather than feed the beast. All my Catholic and Christian friends are hungry to have an artist they can root for.

I’m not comfortable pigeon-holing myself as a Catholic artist, especially since I’m not even baptized yet. But the idea of making music that serves a higher authority other than my own personal ego or fame is much more motivating. I’m comfortable with the idea of fame as a tool. I’m not comfortable seeking fame for fame’s sake. I have no desire for that much attention. But beautiful messages and beautiful content is deserving of great attention.

Rickard recently discovered this video from Dino Marcantonio about beauty. You should watch.

Beauty is not “in the eye of the beholder” as they say. Marcantonio argues anything beautiful will have three basic characteristics: integrity, proportion, and clarity.

If you were to ask Marcantonio what is required for great architecture to be created he would tell you: unity in vision. His words apply to arts other than architecture.

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Let’s face it. Women often just want to settle down. Raise a child.