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No Shots, No School, Not True

I would like to personally thank the elected leaders of Louisiana for the hard work they have put into our state’s vaccine laws, especially Senator Dan Morrish, and Representatives Nancy Landry and Beryl Amedee—who spoke to and emailed me directly showing tremendous support during my episode with my daughter’s school.

The story is, I have had an alarming number of friends in my life who have kids with autism. My neighbor, members of my bible study group, my godmother, and beyond. I went on a church retreat this summer and one of the mom’s had a son with autism, another had a kid with severe behavioral problems, and nobody on the retreat was allowed to bring or eat peanuts because of the food allergies. I have several friends with kids with food allergies so severe the only things they can eat are meat and fruit. My younger friends are plagued with chronic illnesses of different sorts—food allergies again, PCOS, lupus, migraines, arthritis, weight they can’t get rid of no matter how many calories they cut, unexplained infertility, etc. What the **** is going on?? I can’t help but ask myself.

So I’ve been digging. I had some severe brain fog issues myself. Scared that I was going to get early Alzheimer’s I found this book called Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter. His medical doctor father suffered for 20 years with degenerative Alzheimer’s and dementia and it broke Dr. Perlmutter’s heart and sent him into a frenzy for a cure. The jist of his book is: The cause of Alzheimer’s is inflammation, the treatment for it is an anti-inflammatory diet and detox regimen, and by the way inflammation causes a million different problems depending on one’s genetics. 

So I took Dr. Perlmutter’s diet advice and behold! my brain fog went away and I’m sharper than I’ve ever been.

So then the vaccine debate started intriguing me a lot. There are too many kids with autism and I wanted to hear what the anti-vax people were saying because you cannot disagree with someone unless you understand their argument. The first thing I stumbled upon was The Truth About Vaccines docu-series. It blew me away. It’s an excellent resource. They interview a slew of doctors who used to follow the CDC schedule but have since either greatly reduced and delayed their vaccines, or stopped vaccinating altogether and now instead use other methods to boost immunity and prevent disease. They also interview medical journalists and insiders like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to talk about the politics and money involved.

One of the most impressive interviewees in their line-up was Dr. Suzanne Humphries. She was a conventional doctor—making $300k a year as an internist and nephrologist (kidneys) when she realized that her patients were falling apart following their flu shots. Her conscience compelled her to leave her comfortable and prestigious job to join the movement to educate people on vaccines and I have found her youtube channel to be priceless in its abundance of important (and free!) information. She also two books that I plan on sending to the National Catholic Bioethics Center and various other authorities. They are titled: Dissolving Illusions and Rising from The Dead and are free to download on kindle.

Dr. Humphries goes into detail about the science on her youtube lectures and with her co-author Roman Bystrianyk (a medical historian) they detail how the vaccine industry took credit for something they never achieved. It was the plumbers, garbage collectors and farmers that are responsible for the massive decrease in deaths from infectious disease.

And another important thing doctors like Suzanne Humphries, Joseph Mercola, Brian Hooker, David Lewis, Debra Gambrell, Sherri Tenpenny etcetera etcetera are saying is that the BACKGROUND INGREDIENTS in vaccines are responsible for massive levels of inflammation, which are responsible for so much of the chronic illness (including autism) that we see today. When you inject aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and foreign protein from monkeys and aborted babies—your body freaks out, and autoimmune conditions ensue.


I’ve been able to convince a number of people that vaccines do cause injuries. But the ones who still loom I think are paralyzed by two hang-ups:

  1. What if an infectious disease comes our way?
  2. But why would my doctor and hospital do this?

If you are a parent and worried about how to stave off any infectious disease for your child, especially your vulnerable child, then you must cultivate a healthy immune system in them. What we know about Germ Theory might actually be wrong—or at least incomplete. Louis Pasteur had a nemesis during his day, named Dr. Antoine Bechamp. You’re probably familiar with the idea that bad germs make us sick. That is from Pasteur. But the story of infection goes deeper. Bechamp argued that we are constantly surrounded by bad germs, but its only when a host organism becomes weakened that the bad germs become opportunistic and take over to make us ill. So it’s not the destruction of bad germs that is the key to overcoming sickness but in fact the cultivation of health through a nutritious diet and clean environment.


The best thing you can do for your child to cultivate their health so that bad germs don’t bother them too bad is to breast feed as long as possible, feed them nutritious food (especially fermented vegetables which are ideal probiotics) and maintain good hygiene.

But what about smallpox? There is truth to the concept that familiarizing the immune system to certain viruses can boost antibodies just like the milkmaids in Dr. Edward Jenner’s time were immune to smallpox because of their respiratory exposure to cows sick with cowpox. But that was a respiratory immunity. Introduction of weakened strains of viruses and bacteria should be done with respiratory and digestive exposure and there are products called Nosodes that are exactly that—with no lethal background ingredients like metals and foreign proteins. They’re just hard to find because their manufacturers don’t spend $1 billion per year on lobbyists so that every American child is forced to buy and take them.

But why would my doctor do this? 
That is a great question with a dark answer. It might turn you religious in fact. The truth is there are angels and demons all over the medical field. Some of my readers are familiar with my story; my biological father sold his parental rights to me to pay for medical school, they euphemize this by calling it sperm donation. Well, last  year I discovered that my biological father lost his medical license because he was caught selling online prescriptions for opiates—addicting the masses.

But think about this: if you were in the business of making and selling products for sick people, wouldn’t be in the best interests of your company to make as many people sick as possible? That is the brilliance of the vaccine mandates. The lobbyists and campaign funders and marketing channels of the vaccine manufacturers have made it so that every child in America (almost) must inject these products, which in turn creates massive inflammation, and because inflammation leads to a million different problems depending on your genetics, few of us are catching on that there is almost a single main source for this epidemic in various chronic illnesses. And the pharmaceutical companies get richer and richer selling epi-pens, inhalers, anti-seizure meds, chemo, etc.

But wasn’t I talking about my Louisiana state reps and my daughter’s school? Yes I was.

Small victory for Calcasieu Parish parents with a conscience. My daughter’s school asked for her “immunization” record, which I gave. I caught onto this vaccine/chronic illness connection late and unfortunately had her vaccinated with most of what was on the CDC schedule (there were problems, but thank God because I breastfed her for 2 years and never took anti-biotics I think we escaped the worst of it), but she did not get her second MMR shot nor her Varicella (chickenpox).

So a month into the school year I get this letter saying she needs to go to the doctor and get these missing shots. Because I’m a member of the Louisiana Parents for Vaccine Rights group I knew the law and that all I needed was to turn in a simple, bare bones letter declaring exemption on medical/philosophical/religious grounds. Soon after the school nurse called me and told me that I had to send in this form from an organization called LINKS (Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide). She wanted me to sign and initial the following statements:

I understand that some vaccine-preentable diseases (e.d., measles, mumps, pertussis [whooping cough]) are infecting unvaccinated U.S. children, resulting in many hospitalizations and even deaths.

I understand that though vaccination has led to a dramatic decline in the number of U.S. cases of the diseases listed below, some of these diseases are quite common in other countries and can be brought to the U.S. by international travelers. My child, if unvaccinated, could easily get one of these diseases while traveling or from a traveler.

I understand that my unvaccinated child could spread disease to another child who is too young to be vaccinated or whose medical condition (e.g., leukemia, other forms of cancer, immune system problems) prevents them from being vaccinated. This could result in long-term complications and even death for the other child.

I understand that if every parent exempted their child from vaccination, these diseases would return to our community in full force.

I understand that my child may not be protected by “herd” or “community” immunity (i.e., the degree of protection that is the result of having most people in a population vaccinated against a disease).

I understand that some vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles and pertussis are extremely infectious and have been known to infect even the very few unvaccinated people living in highly vaccinated populations.

I understand that if my child is not vaccinated and consequently becomes infected he or she could experience serious consequences, such as amputation, pneumonia, hospitalization, brain damage, paralysis, meningitis, seizures, deafness and death. Many children left intentionally unvaccinated have suffered severe health consequences from their parents’ decision not to vaccinate them.

I understand that my child may be excluded from his or her child care facility, school, sports events, or other organized activities during disease outbreaks. This means that I could miss many days of work to stay home with my child.

I understand that the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all clearly support preventing diseases through vaccination.

To me this form read like a statement of guilt for reckless endangerment and possible manslaughter. And I’m familiar with certain op-eds in major newspapers demanding that parents who don’t vaccinate be sued. So I was NOT comfortable signing this form and most importantly, I strongly disagree with the statements and the fake science behind them. And I noticed that there were names of organizations and people on that paper that are affiliates of Merck and have their funding entirely provided by pharmaceutical companies.

I told the school nurse I can’t sign them. And the principal called and left a voicemail saying I either got the vaccines, signed this LINKS form, or we couldn’t go to school there anymore.

So that’s when I emailed every state senator on the education committee and a few house representatives and and asked for their back up. And they really came through. Senator Moorish called my superintendent. And I believe Representative Nancy Landry did too. And I was able to record an incredibly polite and professional phone call yesterday with my daughter’s principal where she said “I am so sorry Ms. Newman, I spoke with Superintendent Bruchaus, there was a massive communication error and you need not worry. Your daughter has everything she needs and we are good to go.”

I write this to encourage you parents. You are not crazy when you see your young child having serious issues immediately following vaccines. And if you live in Louisiana, the law is on your side and there are good people here willing to support you. Reach out to them.

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