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Just wanted to make sure you all got the current issue of Psychology Today, wherein Jennifer Bleyer writes a fascinating cover story piece on donor-conception. My interview along with a plug for Anonymous Us is featured in the article, for which I’m extremely grateful to Ms. Bleyer. I found her to be a very fair listener with extraordinary compassion and desire for balance.

You can read the article online here, but the art direction is really great I’m sure you’d enjoy the physical copy.

Donor-conceived children themselves are raising many of the questions. As the first large wave comes of age, many express unease over their own origins. Some grapple with conception arising not from love but financial incentives—and for them, the word donor particularly rankles. Others worry they may harbor a hidden medical condition. Many are frustrated by an inability to identify or contact their “real” fathers, since anonymity has long been the industry standard and the terms under which their existence was contracted. Some express deep anxiety about unwittingly falling in love with a half-sibling.

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