I Miss Music

I spend so much time on 3PR advocacy and parenting my own child that there are two things I’ve started to miss immensely:

1. My husband

2. Music

We cleared the upper bed of the RV so that Rickard and I can have our own place to sleep while Visa has the lower bed to herself. But she wouldn’t go to sleep alone last night and we took turns sleeping next to her, thus sacrificing time we were supposed to have together, watching Roots in our upper bunk, alone. We would do cry-it-out method but the damn RV is too small to bare it. Girl’s got lungs too.

The second thing I miss is making and sharing music. It’s a big piece of my identity, yet I’ve neglected it . It’s hard to justify practicing and keeping my abilities warmed up when there are so many other things to do and no pressing need to sing publicly.

This week I promised myself I would book a show.

We’ll see if I still got it. We’ll see if anyone still enjoys my songs.

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