Identical Strangers

God gives great gifts by golly.

I decided to pimp out my husband’s personal trainer skills at an auction for Brooklyn public schools. I offered the school complimentary personal trainer sessions as a way of advertising Happy Couple Workout and doing some good in the community. And the woman that ended up being the highest bidder is turning out to be one of the most magical serendipitous connections I’ve ever experienced.

Introducing Paula Bernstein, a Brooklyn writer who discovered at age 33 that she had an identical twin whom she had been separated from at birth–as the cruel result of a psychological experiment. Her book is titled Identical Strangers and so far, it is amazing.

Paula and her sister Elyse speak eloquently about the effects of nature vs. nurture. As someone who has pined for my biological father (and siblings?) for years now, their story hits a serious chord with me. Paula writes that she cherished her social parents. She calls them her real parents. She says she is glad her mother gave her up for adoption because she is happy and well adjusted. At the same time, she is very critical of a system and point of view that allowed for the deliberate separation of twins, for research purposes, as if she and her sister were lab mice.

Anyways I’m buying her coffee as soon as possible assuming she agrees. There is so much to talk about.

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