My nightmare came true.

This was officially reported yesterday:

Gay couple hires surrogate. They begin sexually abusing the child starting at 2 weeks old. They then offered the boy as a sexual victim in a pedophile network.

And while they gave off the perfect image of a modern family to outsiders, Judge Barker said the pair brainwashed the child to believe the sexual abuse was normal behaviour. Newton was also said to have trained the boy to deny any inappropriate behaviour if he was ever questioned by authorities.

”These men submitted this young child to some of the most heinous acts of exploitation that this office has ever seen,” said Indiana US attorney Joe Hogsett.

One thought on “My nightmare came true.

  1. Rob Morse says:

    It is neither the first nor the last, but sadly it is the taste of more to come. Thank you, Alana, for posting it. I need a reminder of how precious a father and a mother can be.

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