NYC Marathon

The debate surrounding the NYC marathon post Hurricane Sandy is true fodder for another Ayn Rand novel. Exhibit A:

People are projecting their frustrations and anger about the storm onto the runners. The runners are not demons- they do not deserve to be called selfish, elite, or anything else… It is incredibly disappointing to see how New Yorkers are treating the marathoners. These people have trained for months even years to be in NYC this weekend- they have already spent thousands of dollars and would have likely spent more. What makes their money dirtier than a FEMA check?

People run marathons to transform their lives. It is about pushing through and persevering through antagonism- exactly the kind of morale boosting activity NYC needs right now. The people who have traveled to New York to run the marathon should have been welcome whole-heartedly, treated like special guests and been embraced with open arms- because this city thrives on tourism, and because we as Americans have caused so much (true) destruction around the world with our wars one of the only ways we can redeem ourselves is by exhibiting hospitality when people visit us…

Fifty thousand people wanted to come to New York this weekend to empower themselves and endure a life-changing feat that would have inspired them for the rest of their lives. These people should have been welcome like oxygen and medicine to our wounds. The decision to cancel the marathon has turned them into lactic acid.

New York has lost its hutzpah. “The show must go on” is now “Fuck people with money and dreams, if you’re not contributing in the way WE the MOB deem appropriate you can go screw yourself”

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