Sandy Rios Show

I was asked to participate on The Sandy Rios Show, guest-hosted by Austin Ruse. It was a conversation about 3rd Party Reproduction, especially in light of Jimmy Fallon’s daughter’s birth, via surrogacy. His wife is 46. They would be considered too old to adopt by most adoption agency’s standards. Such protocol is put in place because hard-earned wisdom has taught us that adoptees often experience identity crises when they reach their teens and adulthood. Kids separated from their biological parents need special care and attention when they’re older because of this, which means they need parents who are healthy and well enough to provide this additional care. Geriatric parents are not able to be there for their kids. Geriatric parents actually demand extra care from their children. Mrs.Kimmel will be in her 60’s around the time her daughter begins hitting the identity crises years. Perhaps they’ll have the money for the psychologist she’ll surely need.

A woman calls in to the show crying. Her sister sold away 3 of her nieces in traditional surrogacy arrangements, and more still through egg “donation”.
Sandy Rios show link, click here.

What kind of impoverished society do we live in where people are compelled to sell their children?

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