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Can you believe dreams come true? I remember several years ago living in New Orleans, alone and desperately wanting love and a family. My love of spontaneous travel brought me there, my love for music kept me there. Transients rolled in and out of town on a regular basis. There was a young couple that came through, I don’t remember their names. The guy wore a leather jacket. The girl was blonde. Together they bought a school bus for $3,000 and converted it into their home. They cooked meals on a hot plate and had a big bed and two chairs. They parked it on Chartres st and walked everyday into the French Quarter to busk. She played viola. I remember being very envious. They had love. They had a home–one they could travel in no less. They had music in their lives on a daily basis.

Today I hiked through Shenandoah National Forest on the north side of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with¬†my daughter and husband.¬†We did so immediately after waking up in our RV that we paid for cash (we’re homeowners!). We stretched and exercised listening to the radio this morning as the mist came through the mountain and my daughter played with a caterpillar.

It feels good and I feel more than blessed.


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