The Anonymous Us Project: Volume 2 is out now on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Google Play and more. It’s the perfect due diligence for anyone considering using a sperm or egg donor or surrogacy—or those that are here because of these technologies, trying to make sense of it all.




Anonymous Us Volume 1The Anonymous Us Project: Volume 1 is a collection of 100 stories—submitted anonymously—from authors around the globe writing about their conception via or experiences with third party reproduction.






The Misuse of Chemistry

The Misuse of Chemistry is Alana’s debut EP, released via London’s Chessclub Records under maiden name Alana Stewart. VINYL.







Album: Alana Newman, Perfervid

Perfervid (meaning to be filled with emotion) is Alana’s first full length album, with 13 original songs recorded in 2010 in New Orleans—only now being released in 2015—exploring ideas such as poverty, desperation, desirability, and motherhood achings.

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