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41st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

When I first arrived out of high school I started volunteering one day a week at NARAL Pro-Choice America. It was an office full of women, whom I considered all to be smart. We went to Democratic conventions, handed out brochures and signs and materials. I organized the list of financial donors–which had many recognizable names. I remember asking one of the women that worked there full time why she became a feminist. She grew up in the protestant faith and one day visited her pastor to ask him what can I do to make the world a better place? His response to her was this: “If you want to make the world a better place you should be loyal and obedient to your husband.”

From there on she was put off.

When I was pro-choice I too felt a nauseous aversion to men and patriarchy. I had scar tissue from every boyfriend, every father-figure. I joined NARAL because in my world, men did everything they could to take advantage of me. In my world, I was expected to provide sex, but men were not expected to love me, nor devote themselves or their resources to raising a child. In a world like this, with so much sex, but so little love and commitment, women must be able to abort their unborn children lest we invite a landslide of chaos and poverty into women’s lives.

But now I realize, no woman should have to choose between security and her children. We can demand that guys be men.

And how about this for the business side of abortion:

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