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International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I would like to document and share just a few recent media stories and pieces that I find relevant, illuminating, or beautiful.

1. Georgi Boorman’s “Surrogacy Means Uteruses For Rent and Babies For Sale”

Cook [a surrogate hired to deliver babies for a deaf, gay, single postal worker in Georgia living with his elderly parents] is now fighting for California’s surrogacy law to be ruled unconstitutional because, according to her lawyer, “it reduces a surrogate to a ‘breeding animal or incubator.’

2. Marie Smith’s “Girls Just Want To Be Born”

The scheme was successful. Today, millions of women in Asia are “missing”—never to dream, play, work, or become mothers. The long-term impact of the millions of “missing girls” includes increased violence against women and girls with increases in sex trafficking, forced prostitution, and the kidnapping and selling of women and girls as brides.

3. Lissie’s “Daughters”


4. Pilobus Symbiosis—a dance from a 2005 Ted Talk which I think beautifully illustrates the miracle that is men and women cooperating together to make the world a more harmonious place.

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