The Delivery Man


This month is a busy one for donor-conception. The delivery man premiered this weekend and is hitting movie theaters across the country, introducing America to a man who fathers 533+ children and must come to terms with his responsibilities.

Reaching Out

We wrote up some fliers and hit the movie theaters as people were leaving. We wanted to let them know that this industry effects real people and its not serving public health, physically or mentally in positive ways.


Writing these fliers and handing them to strangers in person is terrifying. Every time I do something like this I have to swallow all feelings of pride. I become numb to some of the humiliating elements of putting your personal story out there. But I know that that’s how every other donor-conceived person who wants to do something about this practice feels too. We can’t all be scared, stay at home and never do the dirty work of questioning this industry.


People kindly took the fliers. Between showtimes I headed over to Starbucks and coincidentally sat next to a young couple who were planning on going to see the movie themselves. They were sitting with an older gentleman, the young woman’s father. The father had said that he read somewhere that it was scientifically impossible to father 500+ children through sperm donation. I introduced myself and mentioned that in fact it is not only possible, but I know people with over 500 half-siblings. He was shocked. They thanked me for the fliers and said they’d let me know what they thought about the movie.


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8 thoughts on “The Delivery Man

  1. Matt Doran says:

    Great job walking the streets. I would have joined you if I could.


  2. Mari says:

    This is a very scary situation. Maybe adults, now, who were convceived in this way could end up marrying their half sibling…

  3. Shae says:

    Wow. Digital hug. Haven’t seen the movie but if I do I will keep you in mind. Thank you for being so brave.

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  7. Maura says:

    I “disagree” with sperm donation, but never understood or respected the issue enough. But I start to see, thanks to you. Thank you. I would be terrified to do what you are doing, too. Amazing, what the truth sounds like. Please, I beg you, keep it up. Your voice makes all the difference…

  8. Linda says:

    Thank you for your courage – you are making a big difference by doing what is so difficult. My heart goes out to you, as well as my prayers.

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