Alana Newman

I am an expert on the topic of donor-conception and reproductive technologies. My goal is to abolish the “need” to use them by preventing and curing infertility with ethical alternatives. If you’ve already gone that route, I can help you navigate life after donor-conception.


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What I do:


Volume 2

Anonymity in Donor-Conception hides the Truth, but anonymity in story-telling helps reveal it.

The Anonymous Us Project

For the last 10 years I have managed the online story-collective I’ve collected thousands of stories from donor-conceived people, our parents, friends and allies and even adoptees and fertility industry professionals. The site has been featured on Psychology Today, Newsweek, BBC, and dozens of publications around the world.

Natural Family Planning

For three years I have helped women prevent and cure infertility by teaching them body literacy through Natural Family Planning and learning to chart their menstrual cycles. I teach The Billings Ovulation Method which Mother Teresa taught the poorest of the poor in Calcutta with a 99% effectiveness rate in avoiding pregnancy. The method can also be used to achieve pregnancy with significantly higher success rates than IVF, for a fraction of the cost. Learn more about this new Sexual Revolution by watching: Sexual Revolution: 50 years Since Humanae Vitae, then book an appointment with me to learn how to chart your cycle.


Dealing with Donor Conception

Through a unique podcast integrating the stories I receive from The Anonymous Us Project, to everything else related to reproductive technologies, infertility, and ethical solutions to these types of challenges, I decided to create a podcast for anyone who is “dealing with donor-conception.” This is my newest project. Stay tuned for a link.

Why Natural Family Planning is wildly affordable costing $199 in total

IVF is one of the biggest scams of our generation. As is the birth control pill (which is a type 1 carcinogen).


  • Average cost of one IVF cycle: $9,600

  • Average failure rate of IVF: 76%

  • Average cost of donor eggs: $5,000

  • Average cost of donor sperm: $300-$4,000

  • Plus nobody actually wants these hormones OR a stranger’s sperm/eggs! Why pay more for something you don’t want?


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